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This site is to keep the residents of Massachusetts informed on the relegalization of cannabis.   Be informed and tell everyone you know about the Bills that are being discussed right now in the House and Senate.   

Marijuana use is not a harmless substance. But this fact is precisely why its commercial production and distribution ought to be controlled and regulated by the state in manner similar to the licensed distribution of alcohol and cigarettes – two legal substances that cause far greater harm to the individual user and to society as a whole than cannabis ever could. House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801 is a fiscally conservative, common sense proposal that will raise revenue, promote public safety, and limit young people's access to marijuana. It seeks to bring control to Massachusetts' untaxed, unregulated marijuana market and I encourage lawmakers to vote 'yes' on HB 2929 and Senate Bill 1801. 

In order for your local representatives to start to discuss this issue seriously, we, the people and voters, of Massachusetts, need to inform them that we are serious about this issue.  You can write them by going to this link. The more people that write to them the better.  So tell everyone you know to visit this site and write to their representative.   It is time to put the pressure on them to represent what we want. 

For more information about this measure, please visit the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition/NORML at: or visit


House Bill 2929
Senate Bill 1801

Write your legistators!